About Richmill USA

We Have High-Accuracy
Almost all Richmill”s Toolholders are AT1 of ISO(International Standardization Organization) 1947. The accuracy of Toolholders for Machining Centers (M/C)is determined by the contact percentage (which is more than 95%) between the Toolholder (Shank Taper) and the Spindle Taper. As you know, ISO 1947 has selectable taper error that varies by the “ AT ”number. In the US, the average is AT3 to AT5.

Simple is best! Richmill Balanceable Holders are extraordinarily easy to use. They can be balanced merely by turning the diagonal screw embedded in the flange.
These products are of course patented in both Japan and the United States. Milling Chucks, TGs, ERs,Shell Mills, and Shrink Fits are available. (They come with a warranty stating that the balance has been set at 20,000 rpm and G2.5 at the time of shipment from the factory).

Richmill Milling Chucks are No. 1 in the US in terms of their variety of sizes
For the #40 Taper and #50 Taper, the extension lengths beyond the standard lengths are 2.72”- 5.50” (#40) and 3.375”-10.00” (#50). A Cool and Trough Flange (Din69871B) is also available.

Obtained 80 Patents both in the US and Japan!
Richmill has obtained US patents for holders such as the balanceable Holder and Taper & Flange Fit Holder. Richmill also has more than 80 different patents in Japan.

Two Careful Processes of Taper Grinding
Richmill’s Toolholder Taper is finished by rough grinding first, then followed by traverse grinding.


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